Excerpts recovered from the 
legendary head groupie of Teaser... 
 plus quotes from band members.

An Introduction to Teaser's History

This isn't the story of a band that "made it big." But it is the true story of a band that made it happen and made it fun. The band made good music, made people feel good. It still does.

~ Deborah Delicious

Butch Maxwell and Chris Bontos met in high school where they formed their first band and wrote their first songs together. Bontos, who grew up in Chicago and Athens, Greece, learned guitar from his father and longed to form a band when he arrived in a school in Wheeling. It was there that he met Maxwell, a stage performer who also wanted to write and play music.  - Editor

Butch Maxwell:
"We both wrote songs, and quickly learned that collaboration was better than competition. And it worked beautifully. We wrote dozens of songs in the first year or so - and a couple of them were good."

Chris Bontos:
"We used to cut classes and sneak into the bathrooms to play harmonica because it sounded great in there."

When they formed their first band, they noticed that all four members were guitarists. - Editor

Chris Bontos:
"It didn't sound too good."

Butch Maxwell:
"Chris was the best guitar player, so that was a given. Another guy was actually coordinated enough to move his arms and legs differently at the same time, so - in theory - he could play the drums."

Chris Bontos:
"Yeah, but then he got a drum set."

Butch Maxwell:
"Shot that theory."

Chris Bontos:
"But it was the drummer's idea that since Paul McCartney is left handed and plays the bass, so Butch is left-handed and he should play bass."

Butch Maxwell:
"So much for pretending that bass was my destiny."

Chris Bontos:
"No, I thought it sealed the deal."

Bontos & Maxwell had a band in high school that defiantly played original music in a copy music world. Jagged-edged and rough, those early bands played church halls, festivals, steak fries and school dances. Usually only once. They were uncompromising to a fault. They not only played their own songs, but they used theatrical antics to underscore their rebellion. Once, while playing at a wedding reception, Maxwell smashed a dummy onstage.

Those early bands never met with a lot of success. But Bontos and Maxwell kept writing songs and with some maturity learned to gently stretch and audience without putting them into shock. Eventually the two went their separate ways for a while. Bontos stayed in the Ohio Valley, where he played in other bands; Maxwell moved to Columbus where he played in other bands. -Editor


From Deborah Delicious' Diary

Hello, I am Deborah Delicious. With that out of the way, you should know from the start that this is going to be the chronicle of my life as full-time groupie for the rock band, Teaser.

Teaser was formed last year when Butch Maxwell and Chris Bontos renewed their songwriting partnership.

They had been school chums here in Wheeling, West Virginia, where they had a few bands together growing up. (Pictures from these early days.) They played often at clubs and bars - even before they were legally allowed to drink in them.

Bontos was a guitarist from, oh, infancy. His father is fond of classical/flamenco guitar. Right now (1979) Chris works in a record shop by day, and by night, he mostly just plays guitar.

Maxwell was like the child showbiz kid: he sang, he danced, he did theatre. In fact, he’s a theatre major in college.

Both of them loved to write long before meeting one another. But from the very start, when they met, their primary joy has always been writing songs.

~ Deborah Delicious, 1/12/79

"We got together over music. We both loved Beatles music, even though they had already broken up. And we loved the Stones, too."

"We admired the songwriting. Strong songwriting teams led both of those bands, and that's what we wanted to do: Be a strong songwriting team with a band."

Their first bands met with mixed success. Over their formative years, they performed in a variety of different groups, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Maxwell even left the area for a while, performing with other musicians, while Bontos continued to hone his licks close to home.

But late in 1978, when Butch Maxwell returned to the area to finish college, he and Chris Bontos formed a band that would change their lives - and affect many around them. Most would say in a very good way.

~ Deborah Delicious, 1/12/79

A Tease Is Born - 1979
(Coming soon)

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