Teaser's 2009 Concert  

Welcome to the Present

Oh, darling readers, this was a week for the books! But it didn’t begin there … things like this don’t just happen …

A couple of months prior, Dan Bauer said he wanted a special birthday celebration for his wife, Michelle, and since she had been a big Teaser fan, he asked Butch if there was any chance Teaser could play for Michelle’s birthday. (Long-time Teaserettes and Teaserdudes know that Dan first “discovered” me, the one and only Deborah Delicious, and suggested that I manage the band. The rest, as they say, is history!)

Butch was delightfully amused, and said he’d talk with Chris, but he didn’t think anything would come of it. After all, for some years now Chris has been living in the hinterlands of Michigan’s northern peninsula, and, well, that’s quite a trip.

And a trip it was when Butch called and before he could finish his question, Chris said, with complete surety, “I’m in!” Butch then went to see Mark “Spike” Beihl, who didn’t take a breath before signing up. Ron Lavenski was there The game was on.

Butch was too busy with work (He does have a day job, you know!) and Mystery Theatre Unlimited to get anything started for a while. Then one night, when he was at River City Aleworks doing a mystery show, Jason Miller (co-owner) asked when Teaser was going to play again. “Well, as a matter of fact ... but we have to find a venue.” Jason said, you can play right here! So there it was located. Butch tried to get Chris Rewalt back for the night, too, but family matters kept him away. Of course, there were many other details to attend to in order to make it all happen, but one by one, they all fell into place.

Chris coming in to play lead—check. Venue—check. Spike on drums—check. River City Nail Works as the venue—check. Jeff Berry on guitar—check. Ron on sound—check.

Chris drove in the Monday before, and the boys caught up and chatted way too late that night.
Yada yada rest of week leading to concert yada

It was a magical night, and I, Deborah Delicious, was there … you could say I backed them up—that’s me in the back of the stage—and that they held me a head above the rest of the audience. Sweet Teaser memories were created that night. Were you there? If so, you know just what I mean. If not, where in the world were you that was more important? Tsk Tsk.

As the boys were getting ready to play, a man came in, set up a professional video camera, and stayed all night filming. None of us knew who it was. I told Butch he had to know him or he wouldn’t have invested the entire night doing that. Later, we saw a photo, where this man was handing Chris a card. When we asked, Chris couldn’t find the card, so we blew up the photo and there it was, plain as anything, “Gary Thom…” covered by a finger. We knew right away that it had to be the Gary Thompson, guitarist on “Welcome to the Future.” The card also said, “Vimeo,” so we found Gary later through that site. Since Gary’s much more into the country music scene, we’d lost touch with him over the years, but it was great to see him again, and we hope he’ll get around to sharing the footage [or is that headage?] soon.

The boys started the set with an oldie, but goody, “The Only One,” followed by “I Don’t Think You Can.” At this point, Butch blew the lid off the house, singing his own parts, plus all those old Chris Rewalt high-notes like he’d been born to do it. Then Chris Bontos tore into lead lines of “Never Thought I Would” like a tornado, and the room was spellbound. The boys then did one of their few cover songs, “Not Fade Away,” always a favorite. They followed that with a cut from their 2000 “In The Middle of Now” release, “Slip of the Tongue.” After that, they went way back to the beginning, with “Bigger.”

We were pulled all over those wonderful years that night, because “Bigger” was followed by a song from 2000, one of only two that Chris sang that night, “As If.” “…try to defy what’s meant to be-e-e-e…” (Sorry, got caught up in that one!) Then, three more early songs, “Come On,” “Switchblades in the Moonlight” and “Nothing to Lose,” after which we were taken back to the future again with Bontos singing his second lead on “The Last to Know.” (We have to keep telling Chris how good his voice is; because it really is, and he doesn’t have a clue! What’s that about?) “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,” another popular oldie cover, came next, followed by the oh so precocious schoolboy song, “After School,” (Which I call, “Teacher’s Pet,” because I’m like that.) led up to that favorite bad boy song, “Shut Up and Dance.”

Things slowed down then, with the quietly poignant song from 2000, “Tell Me Why You Love Me,” (a real tear-jerker of a love song, but in a happy way) but the quiet didn’t last long, because the volume came back up with the iconic, “Welcome to the Future.” I thought I’d died and gone to the head of heaven! As if that weren’t enough, next we were treated to “Summertime Blues,” during which Tommy Brannan came up to tambourine us all to raise a fuss and raise a holler, and we did just that! I thought it couldn’t get any better after all these wonderful songs, but just as the concert was coming to a close, Butch began “Can’t Get Enough,” and none of us could. I would have been happy if Butch’s voice had merely held out after singing 90% of the leads, but it not only held out, it sounded better than it ever had. I’m not sure how he pulled that off.

I’m not sure how the whole band pulled off the amazing performances they gave that night. Chris was guitar god supreme. Spike (my favorite drummer in the world, by the way) drummed like he’s never rocked before. Jeff kept rocking all night long. Although you’ve not always seen me, I’ve been there since the beginning, and this was their best concert ever. That night took me not only a head of my time, I went to my past and back to the future, or my name’s not Deborah Delicious. It was bittersweet, though, because the next day, Chris went back to Michigan, Butch and Spike went back to their day jobs, and I was left on the shelf, wondering: when can we do it again, boys? When can we do it again?

~ Deborah Delicious, May 24, 2009

Deborah Delicious' Diary

Deborah Delicious' Diary